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Who We Are

Jax Sun Services is locally owned and operated. As members of the communities we service, our experts are your neighbours, family, and friends. Our interests are aligned with our customers and, as such, we have the type of understanding and insight needed to custom design every system to fit your needs.


Where We Come from

Jax Sun Services was founded by Father and Son who have the same old school values and core principles. We are passionate about making the world a more sustainable place for the generations to come. Solar energy is a great contribution to help us become greener and protect the future of our beloved planet.

As a family run business, we are committed to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone and do right by our community and do right by our environment. These are just a few guiding principles that we live by, as well as the type of values that differentiate us from other renewable energy companies.


What We Strive For

Our aim is simple, the target is a little more difficult. We are all about “Making Green Mainstream” with free advice and helpful friendly staff. Our Children and Grandchildren deserve to have a planet that is not heading for a climate disaster. Our aim is for every home to have solar power so that families can worry less about their energy bill and more about life’s other priorities. Let’s all do our bit and Make Green Mainstream!

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