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New Solar PV Systems

Here at Jax Sun Services we offer solar PV design and installation service for new build properties and retrofit solar panels to existing homes.

Solar PV is the most popular smart energy technology installed in the UK. Over one million homeowners have now switched to solar panels to power their homes with free, clean energy generated by the sun.

Improved efficiency and advancements in technology mean that solar panels can be fitted almost anywhere and can take the form of glass, roof tiles, slates, membranes and more. 

No matter which way your house is facing, energy prices are going north. Demand is increasing, resources are dwindling. It’s time for a rethink about your energy needs. The Sun gives us more than enough solar energy to power everything we do.


The sun’s energy is endless. We just have to tap it. Recently, solar panel prices have dropped dramatically and rapid advances in storage give you more power flexibility than ever before. More and more people are looking for sustainable ways of cutting their living costs and protecting the environment for future generations.


Protect The Planet

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), NASA and the world’s leading scientists have warned us that if we continue to burn fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil we risk a man-made disaster of global scale.

We must increase and accelerate the rate at which we generate, store and distribute our energy from solar panels and other renewable sources if we are to avoid irreparable damage to our planet.

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